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Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Support Groups

Having your newborn experience a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is not news you can accept easily. This medical problem could potentially have a profound effect on your life. If the issue is too much to cope with on your own, seeking a support group will be the right thing to do.

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Ohio families could choose among a number of support communities that deal with birth injuries and brain problems in newborns and children. The following overview will present a number of these specialized organizations.

Ohio Brain Aneurysm and Awareness Support Group

Elk & Elk

This part of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation is associated with Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and the meetings take place at James Cancer Hospital, Columbus. Meetings take place on the second Wednesday of every other month.

The group was founded back in 2006, and its aim is to give brain aneurysm survivors and caregivers a chance to meet and discuss their feelings. In addition, the group helps these individuals improve their coping skills and overcome all of the changes that could potentially stem from brain damage.

Specialized theme meetings and picnics are scheduled once in a while, as well. A calendar is available on the group’s website with more details about upcoming events. The website also features the group’s contact information, if you have some questions that you’d like to ask before attending.

Behind the Gray

If you need support but don’t want to attend meetings, you may want to choose an online support group. Behind the Gray is one such community.

Behind the Gray is a subarachnoid hemorrhage and stroke support group. The aim of the online community is to offer friendship, emotional support and information to people who are going through the medical condition and to ones who have a family member affected by SAH.

The online support group can be joined free of charge. Keep in mind that Behind the Gray doesn’t feature the involvement of a trained medical professional or a therapist. It’s simply an online community where SAH caregivers and sufferers can exchange information and assist each other.

Parents of Children with Brain Aneurysm

Parents of Children with Brain Aneurysm is another online support group. Based on Facebook, the group gives parents an opportunity to get to know each other and receive emotional support from individuals who have gone through the same hardships.

The discussion group is a closed one and currently, it has 755 members. According to the Parents of Children with Brain Aneurysm mission statement, the support group is aimed at individuals who can’t overcome the powerlessness, alienation, and anger related to their child’s condition.

The Brain Injury Association of Ohio Support Group

This is an opportunity for the parents who’d like to meet others in person and discuss the hardships of overcoming SAH. The Brain Injury Association of Ohio has support groups in different parts of the state. The organization’s official website lists all of the locations and the dates on which the groups convene.

Depending on the location, there could be different groups - for brain injury survivors and their caregivers.

Often, the meetings are led by trained professionals who can provide caregivers and family members with detailed information about permanent brain damage, coping with it and with the emotional consequences of the condition. Educational resources may also be available.

The Brain Injury Association of Ohio also holds community recreational programs for individuals who have experienced a brain injury and for their family. These programs offer combinations of sports, recreational activities and social events aimed at improving the lives of individuals suffering from brain injuries and strengthening the bond with their caregivers.

Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group

The final entry in the list is the Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group. The group operates in the territories of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Brain aneurysm survivors and caregivers are provided with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, cope with the emotional impact of the condition and deal with challenges more effectively.

Regular monthly meetings occur at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Cincinnati (room 1346). Anyone who has a family member suffering from permanent brain damage, friends, and individuals who are interested in the topic can attend these summits.

A detailed calendar of additional events organized by the Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group can be found on the organization’s website.