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Advanced Therapies in Ohio for Birth Brain Injuries

Babies and children that have experienced a birth brain injury can receive various types of advanced therapies and rehabilitation treatments in Ohio.

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Traumatic brain injuries can occur at birth due to prolonged labor, a complication or the use of tools to assist the process. The severity of the injury will be determining for the type of treatment and rehabilitation capable of yielding the best results.

Designated Treatment Providers

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Various facilities have the resources and the medical experience needed to offer treatment to children that have experienced a brain injury.

Some of the best programs in the field are available at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Such opportunities may also be available at MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute, Miami Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio and Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

These treatment centers deal with individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, a brain tumor, neurological disorders, strokes, brain hemorrhages, infections, anoxia and hypoxia.

The aim of the therapy is to increase brain plasticity (its own ability to heal), enhance mobility and coordination, help patients with neurological problems develop new skills and improve thinking. These goals can be accomplished through group therapy, peer support, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation sessions.

Therapy Options and Outcomes

There have been serious advances in terms of newborn brain injury treatments over the past few years. Stem-cell therapy is emerging as a possibility but a lot of research will still be needed to realize its full potential. So far, animal clinical trials have been carried out and these have proven effective for the restoration of injured tissues and organs.

Currently, a number of other advanced therapies are used to help children who have experienced a birth brain injury. The ultimate goal of the treatment is to ensure improved brain function and the eventual independence of the child.

Neuro rehabilitation is a term that encompasses a wide range of approaches. It’s usually administered under the supervision of an experienced neurologist and the treatment team should also include an internist, a psychiatrist and a recreational therapist.

The therapy for babies and young children will incorporate activities to improve mobility, activities to overcome cognitive impairments (concentration and attention issues, for example), pain and stress management, nutritional counseling and speech therapy.

As far as additional treatment goes, children who experience a birth brain injury may need injury (in severe cases characterized by a hemorrhage or a fractured skull, for example), medications (anti-spastic pharmaceuticals, pain killers, seizure medications and anticholinergic medications), neonatal therapeutic hypothermia and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.