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Birth Paralysis – Support Groups

When you’re dealing with a medical condition with your newborn, it’s important to have others to turn to. They can provide information, resources, and support during your time of need. You may be able to find out about local groups through your hospital or pediatrician. However, for more rare conditions, you may need to look at national organizations or even online groups.

Get A 100% Free CASE Evaluation is an association that provides information about strokes in babies and children. The site shares the latest research on strokes and has a Facebook page where parents can join a discussion group.

United Cerebral Palsy is one of the largest organizations with chapters in each state. The organization provides support and resources to parents. In addition, they work to change public policy and advocate for those with this disease and other medical conditions. The agency helps parents with travel and transportation expenses, housing and other expenses when families are in need. They can also help locate assistive devices to help children be able to function normally.

Elk & Elk

The Catalyst Center provides information on financial resources at the state level for families with special needs’ children. This comprehensive list can help parents reach out to other relevant resources when they need assistance with the costs of medical care for an infant with a medical condition.

Families with a child who has been diagnosed with a brachial plexus injury such as Klumpke’s palsy or Erb’s palsy can contact the Brachial Plexus Palsy Foundation. Based in Royersford, Pennsylvania, this organization provides support and information to parents. In addition, the United Brachial Plexus Network, which is based in Kent, Ohio, offers numerous programs to help parents. They can even connect online through a forum to find answers to questions or other parents who are in a similar situation.

AmeriFace is an organization dedicated to children who have facial paralysis and other medical conditions affecting the facial area. This group connects families with resources and others who have had the same difficulties. Foundation for Faces of Children is another organization with similar goals.

Many of these groups will link families with medical organizations and other resources as well as be a central location for others to connect. They may even help with financial or other concerns or at least provide information about where parents can turn for assistance. To locate online groups, you can search Facebook for specific conditions, which will help you connect with many other resources.