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Placenta Previa

When doctors do not properly monitor a mother over the course of her pregnancy, and antepartum hemorrhage occurs, risking the life of a baby and the mother, it could ultimately lead to maternal death.

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Anyone who is harmed by medical negligence should consult with a dedicated attorney immediately. If the doctors have shared with you that the problem that ultimately led to fatalities during pregnancy or labor and delivery was tied to Placenta Previa (PP), you should educate yourself about this situation and take appropriate steps to protect the interests of the child and other surviving family members.

This condition occurs when the placenta covers the cervix over the course of the pregnancy. There are many different shapes that this covering can take such as partial, marginal or full. Although this situation isn’t too common, an OBGYN should anticipate it and monitor for it because it poses serious dangers for both baby and mother.

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Risks and Causes

During pregnancy, the placenta will usually move about the growing womb. At the start of the pregnancy, the placenta is located at the bottom of the womb. As the pregnancy goes on, it should move towards the top of the womb. The placenta gives nourishment and oxygen to the baby that the fetus needs to survive. If it fails to move properly and blocks part or all of the cervix in the bottom of the womb, this could lead to a diagnosis of this issue.

The risk of PP is higher for mothers aged 35 and beyond, who have had previous PP, or has had prior children. The symptoms are primarily indicated by vaginal bleeding and contractions.

If the condition is not treated properly, newborns could be delivered before their organs are fully mature which generates plenty of emotional and physical challenges for the remainder of the child's life. The treatment will vary from one mother to another which is why it is pertinent for OBGYNs to monitor for this condition and to address it as quickly as possible. A total placenta previa will almost always require a cesarean section. Normal delivery may be an option for marginal or partial placenta previa. The amount of the coverage and the severity of the bleeding are crucial factors that a doctor has to consider when deciding between a C-section or normal delivery.

There are certain situations in which the doctors involved may be negligent for maternal death because of issues of placenta previa. These include:

How Neonatal Brain Injuries Occur

  • Delaying doing a C-section when it was necessary
  • Failing to properly diagnose the problem
  • Failing to take a proper medical history of the mother
  • Failing to order appropriate tests like ultrasounds
  • Attempting a typical delivery when a C-section should have been performed to protect the baby and mother
  • Failing to monitor the child and the mother once PP was diagnosed

No family should have to live through the situation in which the condition was not diagnosed, but yet it can and does happen.