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Spinal Cord Injury – Economics

The spinal cord, in conjunction with the brain, is the core message center of the body and when it is injured, the results can be long-lasting and devastating for both your child and your family. This could not be truer than when an injury results in a baby’s spinal cord injury.

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These kinds of injuries can result in decreased movement of an infant’s lower body, difficulties controlling core temperature, and a lack of sensation. Further, they could compromise the newborn’s ability to use his or her lungs and can result in:

Elk & Elk
  • Brain damage
  • Paralysis
  • Quadriplegia
  • Breathing and heart rate difficulties
  • Incontinence
  • Death

Often, the source of a spine injury is the extreme force and pressure that a newborn is exposed to, particularly if there are difficulties during labor or delivery. Problems, however, can often be avoided had the accepted standards of medical practice been exercised.

The Cost of a Baby’s Spinal Cord Injury

When an infant suffers a significant and devastating injury to the spine, the medical costs alone can permanently alter a family’s financial stability. Life savings along with other financial resources can quickly be depleted, but the care of your baby is what will be foremost in your mind – and the lifelong economic repercussions of the injury.

Oftentimes, compensation can be sought for related medical expenses, as well as those that will arise in the years to come. In many instances, emotional trauma and loss of wages may also be compensated. However, a birth injury case must be filed within Ohio’s statute of limitations which is one year from the time the injury occurred or within 180 days after giving notice that a lawsuit will be filed. No type of birth injury lawsuit will be considered after four years have passed from the time your baby incurred the spinal damage. In the case of an infant wrongful death lawsuit in Ohio, the suit must be filed within two years from the date of the infant’s death.

Financial Support

There are various ways to seek financial support for a baby’s spinal cord injury. Expenses are going to be long-term, from home health care to special needs, medication, education, and more. The U.S. government has realized that this type of injury is sometimes unforeseen and has implemented several programs to assist with families who have special needs. For example, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program aims to assist with providing proper nutrition for babies.

A Life Care Plan can also be agreed upon between the responsible parties, where, for example, payments are made from a trial that results from a medical malpractice suit, for example, where unnecessary force was used to deliver your baby which led to the injury. While some families have difficulty deciding to take such a route, it must be noted that certain expenses relating to a birth injury may add up to millions of dollars of medical expenses over the coming years, and a Life Care Plan, as devised by experts to include visits, medication, and surgery, as well as other needs over the years, can ensure that you are able to cover those expenses.

Further, there are government applications for a financial need that can help with scholarships and medical bills. Local government also offers grants to help with your child, especially in terms of educational resources.

Affording to Give Your Child the Care They Need

When a baby is injured as a result of a health care provider’s negligence, the family faces immense emotional, physical, and medical challenges, along with years of additional medical costs. Providing the nurturing and care necessary to help your child with a spinal injury is a demanding prospect, and no amount of money can adequately compensate for your baby’s birth injury. However, an experienced and knowledgeable birth injury attorney can help navigate your right to claim compensation if your baby’s injury was the result of a preventable action. While no parent wants to consider their newborn suffering an injury, it is important to be aware of the medical expenses and life-long costs of a birth injury and what your rights are to compensation or funding to help you and your child through life.