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Get a FREE guide of resources available throughout Ohio to children and families of children who were born with brain injuries.

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National Directories or Organizations for Babies and Children with Brain Injury

As a parent of a baby who was born with a brain injury (BI) or suffered one during labor or soon after birth, life can seem daunting right now. Fortunately, there is a great deal of support available. Below, we list some of the organizations or resources you may wish to utilize.

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1. The National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury (NRCTBI)

The NRCTBI aims to provide information for parents and professionals alike. The center has over two decades of experience when it comes to the special needs of babies with brain injuries and their parents and provides customized training including workshops and conferences.

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2. The Brain Injury Association of America (BIIA)

The BIAA acknowledges that a BI is neither an outcome nor an event, but rather an under-funded neurological issue. The BIAA aims to advance research, treatment, and awareness and also to improve the quality of life of babies with brain injuries and their parents through health care and awareness. The BIAA has a myriad of support groups and state affiliates.

3. HansonHouse TBI Clubhouse

The HansonHouse Traumatic Brain Injury Clubhouse is located in Berea, Ohio, and serves as a supportive network for those who participate in social, work-oriented, and recreational programs for developing or using functional and practical living skills.

4. Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Center for Injury Research and Policy

The Center of the Columbus Children’s’ Research Institute works at national, international, state, and local levels and endeavors to reduce disability and death caused by injury.

5. Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Training and Education

This is a useful website for finding educational opportunities for parents who care for babies and children with brain injuries.

6. Ohio Benefit Bank

The Ohio Benefit Bank is a one stop shop for access to a range of state programs, including child care subsidies, food assistance, home energy assistance, and more.

7. Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

The department of job and family services administers Medicaid health plans and prescription coverage.

8. Miracle League of Central Ohio

The Miracle League is a baseball league that has been created for children between the ages of 3 – 21 with any kind of mental or physical disability. You can sign your child up in August each year. The facility includes a raised sandbox and fully handicapped accessible playground.

Further Resources

As a parent of a baby or child with a birth BI, you may also be eligible for social security benefits. Further, there is a myriad of online support networks and chat channels where you can discuss your situation with other parents in similar situations.