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Maternal Death: Antepartum Hemorrhage, Non-Obstetric Causes: Vaginal Cancer

There are many different reasons why a woman may experience antepartum hemorrhage during the labor and delivery process.

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A doctor should constantly be monitoring the medical condition of the baby as well as the mother to notice any problems as soon as possible and to respond to them promptly. One of reason could be the presence of vaginal cancer.

Excessive bleeding is very dangerous and must be handled appropriately if the mother and child’s health are to be protected.

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Common Issues

The vast majority of these cancer cases are caused by squamous cell carcinomas.

These make up 70 out of each 100 cancer cases involving the vagina, and they start in the epithelial vagina lining with squamous cells. These often develop slowly, and the process of cancer forming can take several years. Other causes of this type of cancer can be gland cells and problems known as adenocarcinomas. This most commonly develops in women over age 50.

Furthermore, melanoma can develop as a result of pigment producing cells. These cancers are usually found on areas of the skin that have been exposed to the sun but can also develop in and around the vagina. These are all serious issues that when not noticed or responded to promptly by a doctor, could form the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Doctor Responsibility to Monitor Patients Before and During Labor & Delivery

It is important for all physicians involved in the care of a pregnant woman leading up to the pregnancy to monitor her medical condition closely. This involves careful evaluations of the medications she is taking, screening for problems with the pregnancy and an overall understanding of her medical conditions. When cancer or any other type of serious condition is present alongside pregnancy, the doctors should carry out due diligence and conduct all necessary testing to determine how to proceed safely. When APH occurs, it risks the mother and the baby suffering serious injuries.

In certain situations, when the doctors have failed to act within the standard duty of care applied across providers, a wrongful death case may emerge after the death of the mother. Surviving family members in cases of antepartum hemorrhage and vaginal cancer may be eligible to pursue an Ohio medical malpractice lawsuit if the doctor or other medical care provider should have known or knew and failed to take action regarding risk factors such as cancer.