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Figuring Out Social Security

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Figuring Out Social Security

Your baby has been diagnosed with brain damage, and that is scary. No doubt you are worried and scared and pondering what will happen next. Each child is different, just like every brain injury is, so there is no rule-of-thumb answer. However, you may require assistance, and below we discuss how to figure out social security.

Figuring Out Disability

Life with a baby who has incurred this type of injury at birth can be daunting. For birth injuries that can be cured, there are years of doctor’s appointments, painful surgeries, physical and occupational therapy appointments, expensive medications, support group meetings, and more. Life with a baby with a birth injury that cannot be cured can be hard. There’s no quick surgery to fix your child’s brain, and you may be facing a lifetime of these appointments. This can get costly, but there is help available, financially.

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For instance, your child may be entitled to receive benefits which can help greatly to cover the cost of his or her health care and other long-term needs.

How to Apply

To apply for benefits for your baby, you must complete an Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) along with a Child Disability Report. The report will ask for information about your baby’s condition and how it affects his or her ability to function.

To complete your SSI application:

  • Read through the Child Disability Starter Kit which answers commonly asked questions about applying for your baby and includes a worksheet to guide you with the information you need.
  • Contact Social Security to find out if your income and resources are within the permissible limits and begin the process to apply.
  • Complete the online Child Disability Report and sign a form giving your baby’s doctor permission to provide information about his or her brain injury.

Medical Criteria

All states make use of the same medical criteria for determining disability and the decision to award benefits or not is made by a team of medical professionals.

The team may include psychologists, physicians, and a disability examiner. This team will consider an array of factors, such as the severity of your baby’s brain injury and the long-term outlook thereof.

Once You Have Applied

There is no option to apply for short-term disability. Once benefits are awarded, periodic reviews will be conducted to determine if there has been any improvement in your baby’s condition. Even if you are unsure if you and your infant will qualify for benefits, you should still file an application.

If your application is denied, you can file a timely appeal. You have 60 days from the date of your denial letter to submit your request for reconsideration or request an appeal hearing.

Babies who suffer a brain injury at birth may suffer life-long disabilities, and social security benefits can help cover the costs of treatment and medication.