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Did Your Newborn Suffer Cerebral
Palsy or Another Brain Injury Before
or During Labor and Delivery?

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Get a FREE guide of resources available throughout Ohio to children and families of children who were born with brain injuries.

Our guide can help you build a foundation of knowledge and tools that will help you help your child
now and in the future.

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Who We Are

We are aggressive defenders of the rights of Ohioans and advocate for the families of mothers and babies who suffer medical negligence before, during or after labor and delivery.

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When our clients are harmed by medical negligence, our boots hit the ground. We interview healthcare providers, practitioners, and emergency care personnel and meet with treating physicians, nurses, and support staff. We obtain medical records, referrals, treatment evaluations, and other information that is necessary for your case and analyze these against the treatments, examinations, and evaluations recommended by medical experts to determine the cause of the injury or wrongful death. .

Elk & Elk

Our attorneys fight for victims of substandard care including babies who suffer birth injuries and the families of mothers who suffer fatal consequences from the labor and delivery process. With more than 50 years of experience, we are skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators who fight negligent medical providers and the firms that protect them when mistakes are made. We understand that your time is best spent with your family, and we agree. That’s why when we undertake a birth injury or maternal death case, we work hard to build the best possible case so you can focus on what’s important and still get the help you need.